The branding agency INCREON offers training for the areas of corporate design, branding, brand message, presentation, and wording.

Well documenting corporate design, corporate wording, corporate communication, and corporate behavior is very important in the implementation phase of a new brand or during the relaunch of a brand. Well-documented information is available quickly and is easily accessible at various locations and in various media. Reading and using alone, however, leads to success only to a certain degree.

Training courses are the best way to reach employees, the company’s brand ambassadors. The need for brand-oriented training courses always has to be defined from case to case. We as a branding agency support this approach:

  • Training courses and workshops on the correct and efficient use of digital templates are helpful for the daily and consistent application of the corporate design. Office programs and various web templates for newsletters, e-mailings, postings, etc. belong in this area and give the users security.
  • Wording workshops are also available: Instead of interchangeable off-the-shelf text, a strong brand with individual style, clear statements, and inspiring language is convincing.
  • Sales training courses are also possible, where the focus is not on product presentation but on company presentation and casual storytelling. This applies to daily presentations as well as to special situations at trade fairs, exhibitions, and events.
  • There is also basic training for brand ambassadors who are primarily concerned with the customer. The more familiar this group of people is with the brand values, the brand message, and the stories surrounding the brand, the more convincingly they can integrate them into their daily communication.
  • Suddenly in front of the camera! Tips and tricks help you to move more confidently, speak more freely, and present yourself and the brand more easily. That is also an essential part of branding work and brand perception.

Practical knowledge gleaned from many projects is bundled here at the brand agency, which uses training courses to reach staff in companies and to enable fast implementation of the brand.