For the B2B agency INCREON, marketing communication starts with the brand, brand values, and positioning, from which integrated measures are derived.

Today, marketing communication is a broad field. The era of the linear combination of brochure, data sheet, sales document, advertisement, and trade fair presentation for the introduction of a new product series, for example, is over in B2B communication. The possibilities and forms of marketing products and ways of addressing customers have changed. In addition to the classic offline world, diverse forms of digital communication have emerged. B2B marketing communication has thus become more complex, but at the same time, more diverse.

In our agency, B2B marketing communication work begins with the brand, brand values, positioning, and brand objectives. The “reason why” of the product or service is in focus, just like primary and secondary target groups. With which story can the product be put in the limelight? With which channels can one speak to which target groups during the customer lifecycle? Which experiences should the customer have with the company or product at which point? At which points are there media gaps between offline and online communication and how are these to be managed? Which measurable actions and reactions should be triggered? …

Today, at the beginning of a marketing communication measure, a multitude of subtasks have to be thought about and planned. Even the classic printed customer magazine, which still has a place in the media mix from our agency’s point of view, has to be viewed in a networked way in order to achieve its full effect and to use all valuable content of the magazine in other places in the B2B communication mix in a targeted manner.

In other words: “one-to-many” communication and “one-to-one” communication are becoming more and more blurred, interdependent, and mutually enriching. Today, it’s all about finding the right media mix for the respective task in B2B marketing communication, which also  optimally makes a contribution to the B2B brand.