Executive videos are an important tool for branding. The branding agency INCREON puts managers in the limelight for branding.

You can increase the value of your brand with executive videos. Executive videos and executive interviews are an important part of branding. Members of management boards and managing directors have a lasting positive influence on the company’s reputation. This leads to more customer and employee loyalty, which in turn leads to more success and benefits the company and brand. Our agency services:

  • Authentic training before and during the shoot, carried out by experienced presenters and trainers.
  • In German, English, or both.
  • Including post-production, editing, sound, and effects.
  • Preparation of the content of the executive video interview with a focus on brand building.
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Why are executive videos (executive interviews) important for branding and brand development?

However, day-to-day work often makes it difficult for managers to come into direct contact with customers, employees, and investors. Video messages can compensate for that somewhat. People believe other people more than they believe nice (homepage) texts. The question for us as a brand agency is: Why do we still see so few personal video messages from management on the World Wide Web? We are not talking about image films with happy smiling people, but concrete and direct video messages as executive interviews from the company representatives.

Executive videos — a small step for a manager, a large step for the brand….

The trend toward more meaningfulness in communication is strong, particularly in B2B markets. The effect of top managers is effective and more emotional for branding. That can have a lasting impact on the image. Neither technology nor costs are limiting factors these days — only the executives often put up a defense when they hear the words “camera” and “video.” Managers may be strong, eloquent, and convincing in meetings or one-on-one interviews, but they often have little experience with cameras, like everyone else. That’s why they often have an inner shyness and seem to be unnatural, not very authentic, and insecure to stiff in the video — so, of course, they don’t want to be seen.

We are specialized at the B2B branding agency in branding and the communication of brand messages. We are aware of the importance of top managers as brand ambassadors. With the service offering of the executive video, we have the solution for this challenge. We help managers to overcome their personal resistance to cameras so as to have the effect they want in front of the camera. With a small team of two people and an absolute minimum of technology, we avoid disruptive elements on the set. We prepare managers so that they come across in the executive video as authentic, convincing, competent, likable, and committed.

The INCREON Executive Video makes brand ambassadors

As a branding agency, we offer all the services that ensure that you are credible as a brand and company ambassador, which means that content, words, and body language fit the brand values.

  • Preparation
    Content: elaboration of content structure, interview questions, storyboard.
    Person: training of the manager by experienced facilitators and trainers — in person or via video telephony.
  • Recording
    Presentation (moderation), as you wish, visible or offstage.
    Training parallel to recording.
    Direct evaluation of effect, authenticity, and telegenicity during shooting.
  • Recording technology
    Parallel recording of the executive video at the same time with several cameras — on site at the customer site or in the studio.
    Possible recording situations: static while sitting or standing, dynamic when walking, as a guided interview along with a professional presenter or an offstage moderator.
  • Post-production
    Editing, digitalization, rendering, and delivery of the video as a web version and in high-resolution quality.

And action!

As brand ambassadors, managers can achieve great things. Let an executive video put you in the spotlight in an authentic and positive light. Please contact us without obligation and let us advise you.