Important elements for brand development.

Why are images, videos, and animations important in brand design?

Visual communication is invaluable in the context of brand design for B2B companies, especially in international markets. In a globalized business world where visual communication is more in focus than ever, images, videos, and animations act as powerful tools to shape brand development and brand identity. But the auditory dimension is also not to be neglected for us as a branding agency.

The effect of images, videos, and animations

Images, videos, and animations have an immediate psychological effect on human perception. We work with them every day in brand consulting. Images create quick connections, evoke emotions, and make it possible to convey complex information at a glance. Videos and animations go a step further by combining motion, sound, and visual effects to tell stories and embed messages more deeply. The combination of visual and auditory stimuli amplifies perception to create a multisensory experience that is effective in memory formation and brand loyalty.

In B2B company brand design, our focus as a B2B branding agency is to consistently convey the brand message and identity across all communication channels. Images, videos, and animations fit seamlessly into this concept. They are used not only to represent products or services, but also to communicate the essence of the brand itself. They can visually portray values, corporate culture, and innovative spirit, creating a more emotional connection with different target audiences. Again, the international presence of many B2B brands requires special attention to cultural differences. Images, videos, and animations must be relevant in different regions and take cultural nuances into account to avoid misunderstandings and convey the desired message.

In the world of B2B brand design, images and sounds are not only visual and auditory elements, but also powerful storytellers.

Photographs and our photo studio

We can take product photographs and packshots in our branding agency’s in-house photo studio. Using the green screen option, we can create images of products from any angle (3D), which can later be integrated into typical company or user scenarios.

The same applies to portraits and shots of people. In our studio or with a mobile green screen on location, we take pictures in a relaxed atmosphere, bring out as much authenticity as possible from each person, and later put people and backdrop together. Or we can photograph right in the scenery and provide the right lighting.

In addition, we use our agency photographers to cover events and trade shows or go on documentary-style tours of the company. And we show products and services in action — whether a wind turbine in the field, a construction crane on a building site, or a high-performance engine in the belly of a container ship. Expressive B2B imagery whose visual language says something about the brand is our agency’s standard.

If the individual visual language of the brand requires a tailored photo shoot, we also design and organize one — from location scouting and model selection along with decoration, stylist, and make-up artist to the corresponding model contracts.

Broadcasting live is emotion, a pure brand experience. Live is Life.

Videos and livestreams

In the field of video, our B2B branding agency is equipped to handle everything from atmospheric and informative documentaries, interviews, and executive videos to product presentations, explainer videos, and livestreams. Whether indoors or outdoors, close up, from a distance or from the air — the right equipment is available to express images and visual language in the spirit of the brand in a moving way and to high standards of naturalness and authenticity.

In our agency’s own film studio and green screen studio, we can merge real worlds with virtual worlds so as to go on creative paths in the visual language for the brand. We are also on location with the video team to film. Of course, we also have 360° cameras and drones at our agency.

Using the technology and solutions at the agency, we also realize both unidirectional and bidirectional livestreams. For example, during a brand launch, all employees at all locations can participate in the presentation, ask questions, and be directly involved. “That’s not affordable!”, you may think. Yes, it is: Our web-based solutions make it possible at a reasonable cost!

Our B2B agency’s activities include concept, storyboard, and text, but we also do the studio design and the location search, model selection, coordination of the decoration on location, stylist and make-up artist — in other words, the complete organization of a shoot.

Our services at our branding agency also include selecting and choosing raw material, doing multimedia animations, rough editing, fine editing, video post-production, and multilingual dubbing of videos. We also prepare video data for various media formats. You can expect everything in the spirit of the brand and the visual language, in line with the defined video branding and audio branding.

2D and 3D animations

Technical diagrams in any form are now an integral part of technical documentation and explanatory videos; exhibition, trade fair, trade show, and sales demos; and web applications. Even in print, a simple line drawing is usually no longer sufficient. What data is available in the technology? What can be done for 2D and 3D applications at which cost and with what visual result?

Virtual stage solutions create simple opportunities to show prototypes in a real environment at an early stage. And some 3D applications replace costly shoots on location or outdoors. The animation team at the agency can handle the usual 3D data from CAD programs well. By preparing the data accordingly and integrating the objects into the client’s visual language, new, diverse, and flexible solutions for product presentation are created.

Special: executive video.

You can increase the value of your brand with executive videos. Executive videos and executive interviews are an important part of branding. Company directors and managing directors have a lasting positive influence on the company’s reputation. This leads to greater loyalty among customers and employees, which in turn leads to greater success and profitability for the company and brand. Our agency offers the following services:

  • Authentic training before and during the shoot by an experienced moderator and trainer.
  • Training, preparation, and production in German, English, or both.
  • Post-production, editing, sound, and effects are included.
  • Preparation of the content of the executive video or executive interview with a focus on branding.

Why are executive videos important for branding?

Everyday working life often makes it difficult for managers to come into direct contact with customers, employees, and investors. Video messages can compensate for this somewhat. People believe people more than beautiful (homepage) texts. The question for us as a branding agency is therefore: Why do we still see so few personal video messages from management online? We don’t mean promotional films with happy smiling people, but concrete and direct video messages as executive interviews from company representatives.

Executive videos — a small step for the executive, a big one for the brand.

The trend toward more meaningful communication is strong — especially in B2B markets. The impact of top executives is effective and emotionalizing for brand building. This can have a lasting impact on the company and brand image. Neither technology nor cost are limiting factors today – it’s just that executives often put up a fight as soon as they hear the word “camera” or “video.” Managers may be strong, eloquent, and convincing in meetings or one-on-one conversations — but like everyone else, they have little experience with cameras. That’s why they have a certain inner shyness and tend to appear unnatural, less authentic, and insecure to stiff in videos — and of course, they definitely don’t want to be seen like that.

As a B2B branding agency, we specialize in branding and the communication of brand messages. We are aware of the importance of top executives as brand ambassadors. With our “executive video” service offering, we have the solution. We help executives dissolve their inner personal defenses against cameras in order to appear in front of the camera the way they want to. With a small, two-person team and technology reduced to the bare minimum, we avoid disruptive factors on set. We train executives to be authentic, persuasive, competent, likeable, and engaging in their executive video.

Image, video and animation — consistent but flexible

Despite cultural adaptation, it is crucial to maintain a certain uniform visual and auditory image. This strengthens brand recognition and consistency. At the same time, the diversity of communication channels requires flexibility in the use of images, videos, and animations. From product photos to livestreams, from animation to background music, the range of these media makes it possible to convey the brand message in different contexts.

Overall, images, videos, and audio are not only visually and aurally appealing, but they play a key role in establishing and reinforcing the brand identity of B2B companies. They tell stories, create emotions, and enable the brand to establish a universal yet adaptable presence in international markets. By combining visual and auditory stimuli, they appeal to human perception in a way that creates deep connections and leaves a lasting impression.

Images, videos, animations, and audio shape the soul of a B2B brand while speaking a global language.

A in-depth look at audio — speakers and music

The voice must match the topic. And from a brand perspective, videos from a company should ideally have the same voiceover for certain applications. Especially in the area of explanatory videos and documentaries, of which users usually watch several in a row, this creates trust and loyalty. The better the voice fits the company, the brand, and the subject matter, the more this audiovisual layer contributes to the B2B brand and reinforces the visual language. The same goes for translator voices. Even in English, Spanish, or Chinese, the voice — as well as the pace and intonation — must match the brand.

What applies to the voice also applies to music. Having a style is helpful. A brand is a personality, just like a person. Everyone has their preferred style, their favorite music. This can also be reflected in the brand personality. This is not to say that everything sounds the same. But you can recognize the preferred style — by volume, tempo, rhythm, and modulation. Jazz, rock, pop, Latin, classical — every genre has many variations to offer. It is important to find your own style. And if there is absolutely nothing suitable in the music archives for the jingle for the fixed logo theme for films, then we compose and set to music in-house: in the INCREON Studios.


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