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What is a change story?

The change story is the narrative presentation that conveys the change and transformation of a company in a clear, appealing, and compelling format. It tells the story of change, illustrates the need for change, describes the vision for the future, and shows how this vision can be achieved. And it works because storytelling is human nature.

How does the change story support a transformation process?

There are four key aspects that make a change story helpful during change processes:

  1. The change story creates clarity on the purpose and significance of the change. It enables employees to understand the necessity of the change and to support it.
  2. A well-told change story can motivate and inspire employees by conveying a convincing vision of the company’s future and showing how each individual can contribute to it.
  3. The change story ensures that all employees have a common understanding of the change. This prevents misunderstandings and promotes a coherent corporate culture.
  4. It is about communication. An appealing and appropriate change story enables managers to communicate the change effectively and anchor the message on an emotional level.


For clear communication that motivates, creates understanding and provides security.

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Develop a successful change story

When we, as a B2B agency, are involved in the development of a change story, we focus on four areas: Analysis, vision and goals, storytelling, and employee involvement.

Our work starts with a thorough analysis of the current situation, challenges, and opportunities. As a branding agency, we bring an objective perspective to the table. As a rule, there are numerous analyses and concepts in the company for a transformation process. The way forward is clear to top management. The task of a good change story and the associated communication is to reach employees and other stakeholders.

1. Analysis
2. Vision and goals
3. Storytelling
4. Employee integration

The starting point for the development of the story is to know the vision of the B2B and industrial company as well as the goals that are to be achieved in the course of the change. As a branding agency, we reflect the vision and goals in the context of brand identity and brand values, positioning, and brand strategy.

In the third step, the analysis, vision, and goals are used to create a change story that can be told and experienced through many channels. The change story combines emotion and information in its storyline. As a branding agency, we are experienced in developing captivating stories that turn the change story into an unforgettable experience. And we always recognize the power of images. Images are important storytellers because people grasp images 60,000 times faster than text. Ideally, we can wrap the entire change story in images to show the new, future reality. This increases memorability, builds trust, and provides confidence that the goal will be achieved. In other words, “The dream comes true, even if this might be difficult!”

Once the storyline and all parts of the change story have been worked out, the roadmap is in place, and the change organization has been set up, it’s time for implementation. Change communication involves the employees. It is a development process. It is important that many people contribute their perspectives and ideas in order to gain their support for the change. Dialog, events, leadership, training and further education, qualification programs, and much more are part of the change. The change story is the connecting link that repeatedly shows the goal and ensures that the goal is necessary and achievable.

Transformation with a change story

Overall, a well-developed change story is key in international B2B and industrial companies in order to successfully shape the transformation process and get employees in the mood for change. With the support of a branding agency, the change story can unfold its full effect and support the company on its path to success.

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How is a change story introduced?

Change and transformation are always associated with top-down communication. Top management must present the change story with great conviction and emphasize the importance of change. Only then will the importance of the topic become clear, employees see the change as a priority, and employees recognize top management as the helmsman through times of change. Trust and security play a major role here.

Employee workshops are a valuable tool for raising awareness, informing, integrating, and motivating. Organizing workshops is a good tool to communicate the change story, listen to concerns, answer questions, and encourage dialog between employees.

Continuous communication, based on an effective and integrated communication strategy and regularly presented in various communication channels, reinforces the impact of the change story and keeps the change alive. As a partner and branding agency, we help to develop a solid communication strategy and ensure that the change story is communicated consistently.

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