The video production goes through several steps, from the idea to the finished video. In the INCREON Studios, we start with a few questions that, in addition to the content, are related to the brand and the central brand message.

Creative and structured for a successful video.

Video productions, like many other communication projects, start with W questions. What type of video should it be for which target group, with what length and what intention? Where should the video be used once or how can it be used many times? What existing material may need to be integrated and thus define a certain style? Will it be a video with text overlays only, with a voice-over, with statements by actors? Which video branding elements already exist in the B2B company’s corporate design? What in particular needs to be taken into account? … The series of questions could go on and on. But this small excerpt alone shows that it makes sense to have answers to these questions. Answers help with structure and creation.

Typical steps of producing a video

Every video production goes through several steps, from the idea to the finished video. The following is a typical sequence of steps in video production:

  • This phase is the starting point at which the idea for the video is created. Goals, target audience, and message are defined during this phase.
  • All relevant information on brand elements, corporate design, video branding, and audio branding is compiled, if available.
  • A script or storyboard will be created to plan and visualize the structure, content, and dramatic composition of the video.
  • The accompanying text for the video is also created with the storyboard. In other words, the image follows the text, the story.
  • Resources such as actors (presenter, executives and managers, employees, customers, partners …), locations, equipment, and crew selected and planned.
  • A shooting schedule and a production timetable are drawn up to ensure that everything runs smoothly.
  • The recordings are made during this phase. These can be studio shots, shots on location at the customer’s premises, or outdoor shots.
  • The crew is responsible for recording images, sound, and light.
  • Makeup artists and stylists can also be helpful on location.
  • All recordings are viewed and a pre-selection is made. This is where scenes are compiled, color corrected, and graphics or animations inserted, as well as all transitions and effects. Sound editing is done for originally recorded material. Voice-over texts from off-screen are only backed by an AI voice in this phase in order to harmonize video editing and text.
  • Music, soundtrack, or sound effects are added to create the atmosphere of the video.
  • If material from virtual machines and systems (digital twins) or other virtual worlds is integrated into the video, the agency’s in-house 3D/CGI team comes in and takes over the data preparation and animation.
  • If necessary, text and subtitles are added in one or more languages to better convey the message or make the video accessible to an international audience.
  • The video is played in web resolution so that it can be checked and approved.
  • Any changes and optimizations will be made on the basis of the feedback.
  • This is followed by the final assignment of the voice-over artist in one or more languages. The voice-over text is integrated into the video last.
  • After revision, the final video is created and sent again for final approval.
  • If everything is in order, the video is played out in various formats to make it available for different platforms and purposes.
  • The finished video can be published by the customer on the relevant platforms, such as the website, social media, trade fairs, presentations, or other channels.
  • The performance of the video can be monitored and measured to see if goals are being met.
  • Analysis can also help to improve future video productions.

These steps are fundamental to any successful video production, but may vary slightly depending on the type of video and individual requirements.

With our holistic approach, our strong brand focus for international B2B and industrial companies, and a professional video production team, we will help you every step of the way to ensure your video achieves the desired results.


INCREON’s video studios are equipped to produce everything from moody and informative documentaries, interviews, and executive videos to product presentations, explanatory videos, and livestreams. Whether indoors or outdoors, up close or from a distance, or from the air … the right equipment is available to express images and visual language in the spirit of the brand, with a high standard of naturalness and authenticity.

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The importance of voice and music in video

The voice must match the topic. And from a brand perspective, videos from a company should ideally have the same voice-over for certain applications. This creates trust and loyalty, especially in the area of explanatory videos and documentaries, of which users usually watch several in a row. The better the voice matches the company, brand, and topic presented, the more this audiovisual level contributes to the B2B brand and underscores the visual language (imagery). The same applies to translator voices. Even in English, Spanish, or Chinese, the voice, as well as the pace and melody of speech, must match the brand.

What applies to voice also applies to music. Having a style is helpful. A brand is a personality like a person. Everyone has their preferred style and their favorite music. This can also be reflected in the brand personality. That doesn’t mean that everything sounds the same. But you can recognize the preferred style — by volume, tempo, rhythm, and modulation. Jazz, rock, pop, Latin, classical … every genre has many variations to offer. The important thing is to find your own style. And if there is absolutely nothing suitable in the music archives for the jingle for the consistent logo clip for films, then we compose and set to music in-house: in the agency’s own INCREON recording studio WIDESOUL.

a perfect team

Photo, video and virtual realities must be thought of and created together. At INCREON, this is possible in-house, with all-inclusive services. From the creative idea, concept and storyboard to shooting, post-production and motion graphics to integration in virtual spaces and videos in virtual spaces with virtual machines and people, everything is possible. Experts work together on an interdisciplinary basis. For a unique brand or product experience.


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