The path to successful marketing can sometimes seem like a labyrinth of tricky decisions and unknown paths. This is exactly where strategic marketing consulting comes in — as the expert guide that leads B2B companies through the maze of possibilities and paves the way to success.

Competent support for marketing success.

Our B2B-focused marketing consultancy supports internationally active industrial and technology companies improve their marketing strategies and activities to more effectively achieve their business goals. We offer in-depth analyses, customized solutions, and expertise in a wide range of marketing areas such as market research, brand development, targeting, digital marketing, advertising, and sales strategies. The primary objective of our B2B marketing consulting services is to help companies strengthen their market presence, gain competitive advantage, and achieve long-term market success.

Marketing strategies for international markets

In today’s highly competitive and often global business environment, B2B companies rely on a strong and effective marketing strategy to achieve their business goals. Strategic marketing consulting and its close connection to brand consulting are of great importance. With this holistic approach, which takes into account both perspectives and areas of impact, we support our clients in long-term projects with the following tasks:

Market analysis and defining the target audience

The first and key service in our marketing consultancy lies thoroughly analyzing the market and precisely defining the target audience. In the B2B sector, the target customers are companies themselves, and understanding their needs, challenges and, most of all, their specific decision-making processes, is of central importance. Our team of consultants carries out market analyses, competitor analyses, and situation and potential analyses, among other things, to collect relevant data and evaluate company information in order to subsequently derive a targeted marketing strategy.

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Development of the marketing strategy

Building on the findings from the market analysis, we reflect on the existing corporate strategy and marketing strategy. In this phase, we see ourselves as a sparring partner who, together with the client’s team, scrutinizes and evaluates the current situation and explores the possibilities for the future. Together with our client, we define the strategic business areas and develop marketing strategies for the individual segments. Corporate strategies and corporate organization play just as important a role as brand strategies themselves, which make a significant contribution to market-oriented corporate management. The goal and result is an customized marketing mix (product policy, pricing policy, communication policy, and sales policy) that makes it possible to achieve the economic marketing goals.

In marketing consulting, we develop customized marketing strategies for B2B companies. These strategies include a definition of marketing goals, the positioning in the market, brand building and brand management, and in the case of new products and services, also the market launch as well as the development of messages tailored to the needs of the target audience.

Brand development and management

This is where the connection to brand consulting comes in, because we always look at the two as a whole. Today, a strong brand is just as important for B2B companies as it is for companies in consumer markets. The brand is the face and identity of the company and contributes significantly to perception, credibility, and differentiation in the market. For us, marketing consulting and brand consulting go hand in hand, as marketing strategy is closely linked to brand identity and positioning.

Development of the marketing strategy

An effective communication strategy is vital in B2B markets for reaching and convincing the relevant target audiences worldwide. An important part of successful communication in B2B markets is always the sales teams in pre-sales, after-sales, and support. These are sometimes the most important interfaces to the customer and relevant for positive customer experiences.

Content marketing also plays a major role by creating relevant and valuable content that addresses the needs and interests of the target audience. In an increasingly digitalized business world, online presence and digital marketing are very much part of the equation for B2B companies. A strong digital presence helps to increase visibility, generate leads, and strengthen the relationship with the customer. However, B2B customers also expect content and data for smooth workflows and constant data exchange. The transformation in knowledge acquisition and generational change of business partners at the company and customer must also be resolved as part of the marketing and communication strategy.

Why strategic marketing consulting helps B2B companies in international markets

Our combination of strategic marketing consulting and brand consulting is interesting for B2B companies because we see, understand, and combine both sides. As a B2B branding agency, we are an external sparring partner, bringing a fresh perspective, expertise, and experience to branding work through our marketing consulting. B2B companies benefit from our objective analysis, sound strategies, and tried-and-tested measures to compete successfully in the global marketplace. Our marketing consulting for B2B companies is always about strengthening one’s own market position, achieving sustainable growth, and building long-term relationships with international customers.

Strategic marketing always focuses on the brand. A strong brand creates trust and credibility, which is especially important in complex and long-term B2B relationships. We support our clients develop this strong brand and implement a customized marketing strategy that addresses the specific needs and challenges of the B2B market.

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