Impressive product and people shots are created in our photo studio. Thanks to green screen technology, we integrate products and people effortlessly into individual scenarios. Whether in the studio or on location, we create authentic images with maximum impact.

High degree of flexibility on your own premises.


In our photo studio, which provides part of our broad range of agency services, we harness the power of photography to create powerful images for the B2B communication of industrial companies. We not only have the opportunity to produce high-quality product photographs and packshots, but also to integrate an innovative dimension with the green screen option. This technology allows us to display products in 3D from any viewpoint and later integrate them seamlessly into company-specific or user-specific scenarios.

This versatility also extends to people shots, which we take either in our photo studio or with a mobile green screen on location. The focus is not only on technical perfection, but also on creating a relaxed atmosphere. Our aim is to get as much authenticity as possible out of each person and to later present people and backdrop as a harmonious whole.

But our photographic services are not limited to the studio. Our agency photographer accompanies events, trade shows, trade fairs, and exhibitions, goes on documentation tours through companies, and shows products and services directly in use. Whether it’s wind turbines, building sites with imposing construction cranes, or the fascinating interior views of machines in a container ship, we capture expressive B2B images whose visual language is not only visually appealing, but also immerses viewers deeply in the brand.

We understand that every brand has its own individual visual language. That’s why we not only offer standard photography, but also design and organize customized photo shoots. From location scouting and selecting suitable models to styling and make-up artists, we take care of every detail to perfectly capture the unique identity of each brand.

Our mission is not only to show products through expressive photography, but also to tell the story of each brand vividly. We believe that a picture is worth a thousand words and we put this belief into every shot.


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