Reach your target with the right communication strategy through the right channels.

B2B communication put to the test

As an agency specializing in B2B brand communication, we support international industrial and technology companies primarily in the following areas:

  • Strategic consulting: We analyze the company’s individual needs and goals in order to develop a tailored communication strategy based on the findings, objectives, and challenges.
  • Branding: Targeted branding makes the brand visible in the B2B environment and conveys credibility and quality. The activities here range from developing brand strategy, brand identity, and brand positioning, and developing brand elements (purpose, vision, mission, brand values, brand personality, brand benefits, reason why, brand story, and positioning statement) to employer branding and creating the complete brand design.
  • Content creation: Content creation begins with the brand story and the various narrative lines of B2B brand storytelling and extends to high-quality content for print (brochures, case studies, blog posts) and campaign formats.
  • International expertise: Intercultural know-how is important in order to effectively adapt communication to different markets.

In B2B markets, trade shows and conferences play an important role. They will continue to offer a platform for personal exchange, networking, and presenting new solutions. Trade shows, congresses, and events are enriched through integrating virtual formats. Showrooms, which can be visited with VR glasses, considerably expand the presentation of products and services.

Direct marketing, whether in print or digital formats, is also a communication measure that leads to success. It enables a targeted approach through custom tailored messages and offers. Automation can be used to manage the dialog to a certain point, which supports the team.

For website, blog posts, and numerous social media activities, trade publications, case studies, and reference projects are valuable content that proves the performance and benefits of the offered products and solutions.

Classic B2B communication for industrial and technology companies plays an essential role in global markets. Through the targeted use of strategic and communicative instruments along with intercultural sensitivity, companies can effectively convey their messages and successfully compete internationally. We support B2B companies in this process with our expertise as a marketing consultancy and branding agency.


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