Brand ambassadors have an influence on the customer’s experience.

Brand ambassadors bring the brand to life.

Brand ambassadors are people who embody relevant and company-specific values, vision, and culture of a brand and also communicate this to the outside world. They can be employees, customers, business partners, or even influencers who are enthusiastic about the B2B company’s products or services and who represent it convincingly. However, for us as a branding agency, the most important aspect of brand consulting is the contact with each individual employee as a brand ambassador. In personal, telephone, or written contact, in sales and consulting meetings, at trade fairs, or in service and support, the more consistently all employees appear and interact with the various target groups, the better the brand image is positively anchored in the minds of customers and prospects. For brand values to be experienced through brand ambassadors, understanding and training are needed. In addition, such an experience requires managers who exemplify these brand values in their daily work, both internally and externally. As a B2B agency, we work toward this goal in branding projects with our clients.

What should be experienced through brand ambassadors?

Without a brand foundation with clear brand positioning, an authentic brand personality and a concise brand story, essentials are missing. This is true at least in the case of modern and internationally active B2B companies that have long since outgrown the owner spirit of bygone days that wafted through the halls and have expanded their own sphere of influence through acquisitions or takeovers. While the charismatic entrepreneurial personality used to influence employee behavior, today we need to translate this into coherent brand values, which we develop as brand consultants. These must be known by employees in the company. In addition, all employees at all locations and in all areas of the company must be committed to cultivating and living these brand values.

Become a brand ambassador

In strongly service-oriented companies, the importance of the individual employee as a brand ambassador is much more firmly anchored than in specialized medium-sized and globally active manufacturers, which often still concentrate on theirs skill and the quality of their products. Nevertheless, this is exactly where the importance of the brand ambassador is growing from a brand consulting perspective. The more customer touchpoints or interactions there are, the greater the brand impact of an employee. Practiced leadership behavior creates a fertile ground for developing strong brand ambassadors. At the same time, knowledge and understanding must be built up through diverse and ongoing communication and training activities. Ultimately, the key to success is to engage all employees, at all levels and in all functions and at all company locations, in the brand ambassador journey.

Internal communication plays a major role in this regard. In a sensitization phase, it is often necessary to make those responsible aware of the importance of the brand. And it must become clear what relevance a strong brand identity has for the respective company division. Only then can activities and tools based on the brand foundation and brand positioning be developed and integrated. This is a lengthy change process that needs to be supported by the management and internalized and lived from the top down. We accompany you on this path in brand consulting.

Brand ambassadors play a crucial role in industrial branding as a success factor.

What contribution do brand ambassadors make?

Brand ambassadors can appear on various platforms, including social media, events, and face-to-face interactions. It is important to identify, support, and motivate brand ambassadors so that they can successfully fulfill their role as brand advocates. Brand ambassadors can make valuable contributions to industry branding in the following areas: building trust, communicating credibly, increasing brand awareness, fostering customer loyalty and retention, enhancing a positive image on the job market, but also having a lasting impact in crisis management. Their enthusiasm and positive experiences can make a significant contribution to the success of the company in industrial branding.


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