App development for B2B and B2E

Smartphones and tablets have become an integral part of our everyday lives. The typical smartphone has more 30 apps installed on it. Thanks to 5G, and because people have their smartphones everywhere they are and everywhere they go, apps and mobile applications are also becoming increasingly important for B2B companies to attract and retain employees, customers, suppliers, and business partners.

Mobile. Flexible. In real time.

B2B apps are used in various scenarios. B2B apps can be used to support business processes in sales, customer service, or material management. As a B2E app, they can replace the classic intranet and be expanded to include human resources management. This is especially if not all employees have desktop access. B2B and B2E apps offer real-time access to information, support collaboration between teams, and enable seamless communication with customers and partners.

Native apps, web apps, or hybrid apps — the right app for your target audience.

Is an app even necessary? Or is a website enough? Whenever you want to reach people on the move, an app makes sense. But it doesn’t always have to be a native app for Apple iOS, Google Android, or Windows. A web app or hybrid app is often sufficient. But what’s the difference?

Native apps: Native apps are developed specifically for a particular platform (e.g., iOS or Android). Native apps can be downloaded and installed via the app store. Updates are also delivered via the app store.

Web apps: Web apps are platform-independent and run via the web browser of the respective smartphone or tablet. They are cheaper to develop and maintain, but may not offer the same performance as native apps.

Hybrid apps: Hybrid apps are a mixture of web apps and native apps. They offer an improved user experience and more functionality than pure web apps, are both more time effective and cost effective to develop than pure native apps, but can still be deployed via the app store to achieve the same reach and discoverability as native apps.

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Web apps and hybrid apps are particularly useful if the same information is also to be available via other platforms such as a website or intranet. This information is then maintained centrally in one place. The content is played out to the various end devices in a media-neutral manner.

WordPress Content Hub: WebApps und HybridApps eignen sich besonders, wenn dieselben Informationen auch über andere Plattformen wie eine Website oder ein Intranet verfügbar sein sollen.

No matter what form of app you choose, for us as a B2B digital and branding agency, a consistent brand experience across the various digital platforms always plays a decisive role in the development of apps. Used correctly, a B2B or B2E app can then become an indispensable tool to help companies work more efficiently, make better business decisions, and create a compelling brand experience.


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