INCREON sees itself as a leading naming agency and branding agency for industrial communication in Germany. Headquarters: Munich and Shanghai.

Naming agency and branding agency in Munich and Shanghai

With hearts and minds, with creativity and both feet on the ground — for us, these are the decisive factors for truly good performance in naming, branding, and marketing communication. As a naming agency and branding agency, we specialise in international B2B brand communication. A deep understanding of technology, processes, and sales is the basis for our work — from analysis, strategy, consulting, and design to implementation.

Our three guiding principles can be found in our daily work:

  • Develop brands

  • Create markets

  • Generate business

Our basic values: Objectivity and your goals in mind at all times — this is how we can best assist you. We think positively, transfer our knowledge to other areas, act entrepreneurially, and are your partner – exact, rapid, reliable, and with many ideas for your success.

Our structure as a B2B agency – naming agency, branding agency, B2B brand communication, marketing communication, digital communication, brand consulting – offers you “all-round service”. As an agency, we start early with the development or expansion of your brand, your company or your product. Together with you, we lead it to lasting success.

We guarantee you exact cost, performance, and project transparency at all times. Inventiveness, adherence to schedules, and high performance efficiency are a matter of course for us.

Impressions of our agency

Perhaps you have asked yourself …

What does a naming agency actually do?

As a naming agency, we create a good name for you — one that is suitable as a brand name, company name, or product name. But what makes a good name? The essential criteria are:

  • Acoustic: A good name is easy to pronounce and has a pleasant melody.
  • Optic: Lettering or a logo is always connected to a name. A good name therefore has to be suitable for being seen, so that quick and good readability is ensured.
  • Written: A good name has to be good to write. It has to be transferred effortlessly from the acoustic perception into the written word.
  • Able to be protected (registered as a trademark): A good name gives sufficient proof of its origin. It is so unique that it does not conflict with other brand names and accordingly can be associated with its origin (in a legal sense). In short: It is not easy to find a suitable name. Creating a name which can be securely protected legally (that is, trademarked) is even more difficult. This is where the naming experts at the agency really assist you.

And what does a branding agency do, then?

After a name is found, invented, or created at the naming agency, it should optimally become a brand. This is about relying consistently on the right brand and positioning strategy and as a result, reaching the hearts and minds of people. This is how we as a branding agency win the battle for perception and awareness of the brand and ensure an increase in brand equity and brand performance.