Are you greatly interested in working on projects in which naming, branding, brand communication, marketing communication, digital communication, and virtual communication are integrated into holistic, progressive solutions? Would you like to build and manage international B2B brands? Do you wish to support the digital transformation of B2B companies as concerns branding?

INCREON is the right place for you!

In the INCREON Agency Group, extraordinary people come together to find and realize extraordinary solutions.

Welcome to the INCREON Agency Group, your strategy and creative hotspot for professional success! If our approach inspires you, you’ve come to the right place:

Strategic vision. Conceptual strength. Creative thinking. Practical and direct solutions.

Strong ideas, clear images, direct copy.

Integrated B2B brand and marketing communication that gets the most out of the brand and objectives online, offline, digitally, and virtually.

We steer our customers with this approach, supporting them with full commitment, passion, and impressive digital expertise. And now to you:

We are looking for people with their heart in the right place to join the constantly growing INCREON team. People who are curious, give impulses, inspire. People who use their creativity every day to create something new. And who are committed at the highest level — to both our team and client.

At the INCREON Agency Group, we offer exciting and varied tasks to university graduates and brand, marketing, communication and digital professionals who have ambitious goals and are committed to pursuing unconventional solutions. Be a part of our diverse team and shape your professional success story with us!

What is important to us…

At INCREON, we focus on qualities that are important to our work environment. We are perceptive and quick to recognize what is important. Sensitivity and intuition guide our teamwork and decisions. Passion and courage drive us to realize innovative projects. Our openness to diversity and our talent for improvisation make us agile and creative. We value honesty and authenticity because they are at the core of our identity and foster our personal and professional development.

Creativity, the ability to learn, teamwork, a focus on success, and customer orientation characterize our cooperation and make us a strong and successful team.

What helps us at INCREON besides good professional qualifications in our cooperation and accompanies us on the road to success are these qualities:

We are driven by creativity. We believe that innovative ideas can transform brands and businesses. That is why we rely on creative minds who are not afraid to break new ground and develop innovative solutions that inspire our clients.

For us, the ability to learn is more than just a buzzword. We constantly strive to improve and expand our knowledge. We learn not only from our own experience, but also from the expertise of our team and our own personal curiosity. Our belief is that together we can do more.

Teamwork is an integral part of the way we work. We value dialog, discussion, and exchange. By linking the most diverse areas of work and expertise, we create ideas and solutions that go far beyond what any individual could achieve.

For us, success is more than a goal. We pursue ambitious goals with commitment and the will to succeed. We believe that every success tells a story — and we want to help shape our clients’ stories through our work.

A focus on our customers is our top priority. We find tailored solutions for our customers that exceed their needs and expectations. We measure our success not by the size of our projects, but by the quality of our service and the satisfaction of our clients.

These qualities are essential to us. They shape the way we work together, drive our personal and professional development, and make us a strong and successful team.

Working at INCREON

  • Only permanent employees
  • Attractive fixed salary and, if applicable, variable salary component through performance-related bonuses and, on a case-by-case basis, project-related profit-sharing schemes
  • Employee benefits
  • Average length of employment greater than four years (excluding apprentices and trainees)
  • Trust-based working hours (annual average of 40 hours per week)
  • Flexible working hours, remote work
  • Free choice of vacation, even longer vacations at a stretch are possible

Apprenticeships and further training at INCREON

  • IHK training company for marketing communication, media design, and information technology
  • Trainee programs in consulting and creation
  • Dual training partner for BA degree programs in business administration, marketing, and business information technology (IU, iba, DHBW)
  • Work experience abroad possible in our own agency office in Shanghai
  • Long-term career prospects
  • Individual continuing education offers

What distinguishes us

  • Flat hierarchy and informal atmosphere
  • Quiet, relaxed working atmosphere in large, bright rooms. Mostly two-person offices, some four-person offices
  • State-of-the-art technical equipment. Project managers receive Windows PCs, graphic artists use Macs or PCs.
  • Own photo and film studio with green screen technology. Sound and speaker studio


  • Suburban train (S-Bahn) within walking distance or by bus
  • Travel allowance for public transport
  • Self-organized car pools
  • Company vehicles
  • Company bicycle (similar to “Cycle to Work” scheme in the UK)
  • Electric charging station

Direct Contact