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Despite digitalization and modern forms of presentation in virtual spaces, trade shows and events are still of key importance to international B2B companies in today’s business world. They serve as excellent platforms for showcasing brands and creating lasting brand experiences. As a B2B branding agency, we see that industrial companies rely on B2B branding to build compelling brand identities that go far beyond mere product presentation.

Modern B2B branding approaches

Showcasing the brand at trade shows, trade fairs, exhibitions, and events goes beyond the traditional concept. Today, it’s about engaging customers and partners in an immersive experience that appeals to their senses and builds emotional connections. The design of the trade show booth and experience of being at the trade show become a real highlight that builds brand trust and fosters customer loyalty. At the same time, being at the fair also influences employee retention by making employees proud to be part of a brand that has a strong presence at trade shows, trade fairs, and events.

Product developments are driven forward at full speed in the run-up to leading industry trade shows, with prototypes often not ready until shortly before the show. Even if the design of the exhibition booth is approved reasonably early, deadlines are normally tight. A good design concept for the booth and a corresponding brand image are needed to present the brand properly in a three-dimensional space and allow it to be experienced in an entertaining way. To be able to provide the right specifications for booth construction and design, the work starts earlier in the branding agency.

Expanded objectives and metrics for exhibitions and events

The objectives of trade fairs and events have evolved. They are no longer just for presenting products, but also for cultivating relationships, gaining feedback from the market, and identifying trends and business opportunities. Success monitoring goes beyond the mere number of contacts made. It includes qualitative factors such as the intensity of interactions, the interest generated, and the integration of visitors into the brand experience. Every trade fair and every event starts with the following questions:

  • What are the objectives of the exhibition or event? The focus is on measurability and monitoring success.
  • Who do we want to reach and get to know there? The customer lifecycle is important in this regard.
  • What should the stand visitor or event visitor experience? This speaks to the customer experience.

With concrete answers to these three key questions, planning becomes much more efficient and targeted. It is also easier to focus on key products and messages. It is easier to manage the advertising and invitations for the trade fair, show, or event. It is easier to align the team at the booth and sales team with the trade fair objectives and key messages. It is easier to carry out trade fair market research. It is easier to measure the success of presenting at the trade fair and easier to derive follow-up actions.

Trade fair concept and stand design, trade fair planning, integrated marketing communications around the trade fair, stand campaigns, film and animation, follow-up and evaluation — we at the branding agency support all of these disciplines holistically and in the interest of the brand. Nothing is left to chance — whether it’s a major leading trade fair, a regional sales fair, an in-house exhibition for a large company, a university fair, or a recruiting day. The principle is essentially the same.

As a B2B branding agency, we apply this approach, the objectives, and measurability to every event.

Through targeted brand showcasing at exhibitions and events, international B2B companies not only strengthen customer relationships, but also the loyalty of their employees to the corporate brand.

Our specialty: exhibitions in China

With over 3,000 events every year, the People’s Republic of China is the most important trade fair venue in Asia. The majority of trade fairs on topics such as industry and technology take place in Shanghai. The National Exhibition & Convention Center (NECC) is not only one of the largest exhibition centers in Asia, it is also home to a high concentration of German trade fair organizers and trade fairs with a focus on international exhibitors and visitors. Our on-site trade fair services in China include a wide range of services:

  • Trade fair evaluation: We attend exhibitions to evaluate their quality and relevance.
  • Trade fair observation: We visit trade fair booths of different exhibitors (competition, target customers, upstream/downstream stages) and obtain a wide range of information such as contact details, photos/videos, and product information.
  • Trade fair design: We design your stand or booth in accordance with corporate design specifications, with intercultural adaptation if necessary.
  • Trade fair coordination: We manage the project and coordinate among the stand builder, trade fair organizer, and exhibitor.
  • Trade fair execution>: We plan, organize, and completely execute small to medium-sized trade fair appearances with sales talks and product presentations.

In the age of digitalization, trade fairs and events are the living heartbeat of a brand — they give it the rhythm of personal encounters and create experiences that no website can ever replace.

Modern B2B branding approaches

In an increasingly digitalized world, the relevance of physical events may be questioned. Trade fairs, trade shows, exhibitions, and events still offer unique opportunities. They enable face-to-face encounters that are difficult to replicate online and differentiate companies from competitors. The future of these events lies in cleverly combining physical and virtual elements to appeal to a broader target audience.

In summary, from our perspective as a B2B branding agency, the importance of trade shows and events for international B2B companies remains unwavering. Shows and events create unique opportunities for brand showcasing, strengthen bonds with customers and employees, provide space for relationship building, and allow for multi-layered measurement of success. In an age dominated by technology, personal relationships and individual experiences retain their inestimable value. That is why trade shows, trade fairs, exhibitions, and events will continue to play a central role in the B2B brand strategies of international companies in the future.


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