Create your own name.

Make or buy? This question is permitted even during creative projects. The answer always depends on the company and the respective possibilities. A naming workshop creates the framework conditions for one’s own team to make creative and functional naming suggestions and concrete name ideas within a short time. The workshop can take place at your company or our naming agency. Leaving your “own four walls” often creates a greater distance in terms of content and increases the space for creative ideas.

Because staff members from the marketing department and relevant business units are involved from the beginning during naming workshops, the acceptance of and identification with the new brand name increases. A B2B brand name which is created this way is more easily established internally. When naming architectures are to be established over the long term, it can likewise make sense to communicate the basic methods of name creation during a naming workshop.

Create the foundation. Communicate naming knowledge.

There are two main parts to a naming workshop. The first part is about sharing knowledge. Why is so much importance attached to a product name or brand name? What phases does a naming project have? What conditions does a B2B brand name have to fulfill so that it works? Which naming strategies and naming concepts are there? How does one create a good B2B brand name? And what about internationality, Internet and domain, trademark law, and linguistics?

By participating in a naming workshop, all future name inventors in the company acquire a base of knowledge for name creation while developing an understanding of the iterative naming process.

During a naming workshop, all future name creators in the company acquire a through basis of knowledge for creating names while developing an understanding for the iterative process during naming.

Work creatively. In a team. In line with the naming strategy.

The second part is the strategic and creative work on the new B2B brand name in a team. The key points of the naming strategy are narrowed in accordance with information on the naming concepts. This makes focusing possible and creates consensus on the direction of the name.

Subsequently, through guided moderation and the use of proven creative techniques, the participants of the naming workshop are given procedures and methods so that they can later create names on their own. The classic methods for encouraging creativity such as mind mapping or attribute listing are on the agenda. Likewise, the very well known methods of brainstorming, brainwriting, or the 6-3-5 method are used. Semantic intuition, which means words or positions of words giving rise to ideas for names, is also helpful. In the end, however, how the second part of the naming workshop, the creative naming process part, is held and presented depends on the number of participants and their functions (responsibilities or which departments they are from).

Evaluation is an essential part of naming.

During the naming workshop, names which show solid opportunity and which could advance to the next phase of the naming process will be evaluated, taking into account the practical knowledge of the trainers and presenters. This evaluation revolves mainly around trademark aspects. Naming participants will learn directly that a good, apt, or otherwise likable name cannot and is not immediately permitted to be the favorite and darling pet. Only thorough evaluation delivers more exact information on whether the name can perhaps be used in the market.

After the workshop, the brand names created are then thoroughly analyzed and evaluated at the naming agency. At the end, a small selection of names created by your own company is on the agenda; these can be discussed then within your organization. This is the basis for selecting an internal favorite.


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