Linguistic evaluation of new brand names plays a large role at the naming agency INCREON during the naming creation and name evaluation phases.

International pronunciation, cultural acceptance, and avoiding negative connotations are critical decision factors at all times during the naming process. Through our in-house linguists, language considerations are at all times an integral component during the filtering and selection of naming ideas.

The further the iterative process of name creation goes on, and the more it is about the selection of the final favorites, the more important the linguistic evaluation is for international names. Evaluating pronunciation, lexical meaning, and associations is a part of every decision for a name. Favorites are subjected to a further-reaching market test to investigate name ideas in the relevant target markets. The new brand name is checked per language region by linguists that live in the target country. Within the context of the linguistic evaluation, they evaluate the name ideas with regard to pronunciation, meaning, and associations. This approach takes place with regard to vocabulary, words, and meanings. Moreover, acceptance and ability to protect (as a trademark) are questioned. The pragmatic analysis in the sense of the usual act of speaking is also a part. This approach gives doubled information on the chances of a possible brand name, because language and subculture are constantly developing in the target countries.

Through linguistic evaluation, an objective judgment concerning the usability of the name in the relevant language area arises. A detailed written report with actionable recommendations is presented for your consideration at the end of the linguistic evaluation.

Languages of the world

A world language is characterized by a large number of native speakers and also that many non-native speakers know the language as a foreign language. In naming, the international significance of the language as a lingua franca among international contacts in business, science, and culture is also important.

Important world languages according to their international importance as languages of communication:

Tabelle mit den Wichtigsten Weltsprachen. Die Top 12 sind Englisch, Chinesisch, Hindi, Spanisch, Französisch, Arabisch, Russisch, Portugiesisch, Bengalisch, Deutsch, Japanisch und Koreanisch.