Using modern technology, B2B companies can afford virtual studios for informing and presenting. The agency INCREON makes it possible.

“Our own studio? … Only manufacturers and newscasters can afford that. But not us as a B2B company!” Well, actually, yes, you can. Technology and digitalization make it possible. There are two approaches.

The multi-functional stage

The one approach is a stage, which you can imagine as a multi-functional room or a large photo studio. Only, it’s virtual. The space contains a few elements and colors of the brand. It has fixed lighting. A variety of presentation constants are available. In this room, products and prototypes on which suitable data are available can be photographed straightforwardly as 3D objects — both as entire objects and close up, from above, below, right, left, or behind. With natural lighting and at dusk. The same goes for a video or film, with camera movements around the product to film details. Texts and informational graphics can be integrated for product presentations and explanatory videos. A real presenter or an illustrated avatar can do the presenting. The real presenter works in the green screen studio. The image of the presenter is then cut out and placed into the stage. This is how the virtual and real worlds are fused together in a video or film. We do this in our own studio at the agency.

The virtual brand studio

The second approach is a classic studio. The classic studio is like a news studio or a show stage which is always the same for a particular program or show. Such a studio can be designed completely in virtual space in the spirit of the brand identity. Virtual walls for videos, graphics, and other information are prepared. There are also possibly seats for conversations and interviews. A moderator presents company news, leads through live presentations of products and solutions, or interviews top management and executives — all this is possible and can be done with little effort. Live streams from the virtual studio, where viewers can pose questions directly over chat services such as in a webinar, are possible. Our agency can do it.

Of course, both applications must first of all be thought through, planned, visually designed, and set up at the agency. Once the virtual space is set up, content in the moving image can be created fairly quickly with efficient preparation and very manageable (cost) effort.