Through video branding, the branding agency INCREON creates the design foundation for better recognition of the brand in videos and films.

View instead of read … this has become possible through digitalization and fast, widely-available Internet access. When assembly or operating instructions are online as text and video, more and more users click on the video. It’s faster, simpler, more convenient, more full of variety, and livelier. However, if the user is confronted with a multitude of visual impressions and styles in the YouTube channel of a company, sustainable brand perception becomes difficult. The common denominator is video branding guidelines that create a visual framework. Of course, the requirements of the different video formats have to be considered individually at the branding agency.

Video branding guidelines

Within the framework of the video branding guidelines, elements and constants that allow viewers to recognize whose brand is displayed, regardless of the video content, are made available.

As a branding agency, we believe that a defined intro and outro, which present the brand in audio-visual terms, are among of the absolute basics. This can be a pure logo animation or an appealing mini-clip that makes the brand more emotional. If this film clip is used consistently, it provides orientation, creates recognition, and sets the brand in motion.

Standards for the film title and credits are also helpful. Through repetition, the viewer learns what is where, meaning that where to place what content for each video does not have to be thought through again and again. The same time and efficiency advantages apply as in print.

Graphical guidelines for the design of bands and text overlays in the lower third of the image area are also helpful. A typeface (font) is a fundamental design constant. Defined sizes ensure that the information can be easily read later on, even when played back on small formats on smartphones. Moreover, the order of information is already thought out. The order of information should be defined beyond this scope to include the basic handling of text information in videos as well. In addition to the size, it is also a question of the representation, text effects, the speed of fading in and fading out, as well as tips on how long and how much text is being read in videos.

Transitions, apertures, and effects as well as the rhythm of cuts are equally an area that can be used for consistent video branding and which is standardized by the branding agency. These topics have a very subtle effect on the viewer. In this way, they impart brand values on a subliminal basis. It is thus all the more important that these effects fit to the brand.

Everything concerning visuals, image style, colorfulness, and light effects should be based on the defined image world (imagery) of the brand. The same is true for illustrations, charts, graphics, and multimedia animations.

Content counts.

A good video tells a story. Of a solution, a concrete advantage, an experience, new possibilities. And like every story, a video has a beginning, a main section, and an end. And the central question is: Why should someone watch this video? We at the branding agency answer this question first and foremost. Basically, there are a few points that form the basis for a good video. It helps to have a main person, whereby in industrial communication, this anchor can also be a product. In its dramatic composition, the story should be captured in images and have a corresponding beginning, main part, climax, and conclusion. Sequencing, movements, and changes must be possible. Monologues at the desk or interviews that are too long do not captivate, except with extraordinary personalities. And it is important to get close to the object, the people, and the experiences. If these few requirements are met and the video has a tangible reference to the brand, it makes a valuable contribution to brand perception and brand experience.

There is no way around it….

Web videos are becoming more and more important in the sense of content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and being found in the World Wide Web. Most people prefer to view rather than read. And the search engine Google prefers searching or viewing YouTube; after all, the companies belong to the same conglomerate. And, not to be forgotten, YouTube is a very popular search engine and at the same time, one of the largest social networks.

Numerous studies prove what is obvious. Content with video retains the site visitor’s interest for longer, users prefer to click on film content rather than text content, and users share video content on social networks far more often. This has an even greater impact on landing pages and microsites.

With videos, which are much easier and faster to produce today than in the past, target groups can be addressed much better in industrial communication. Technical and complex issues can be made tangible and be represented in a way people can better grasp. Vividness and authenticity strengthen the brand. The enthusiasm and passion of doers and users inspires. Testimonials effectively contribute to building trust. And especially the more and more popular “how-to” videos have great potential. The personal touch comes into play through tips, tricks, and a look behind the scenes. This in turn helps potential customers identify more quickly with the brand or products.

Video branding in your own virtual studio

A brand equals branding equals recognition. One’s own studio, as is used for news and television shows, creates an important visual brand space. What used to take much effort in the past is now possible with a manageable effort and at a manageable cost owing to advanced digitalization. The scenes for “how-to” videos are recorded in the branding agency’s own green screen studio. Or interviews are conducted. Or the facts are explained on an imaginary screen. The scenes from the green screen studio are integrated into the virtual studio at the editing desk. Multimedia animations, graphics, and videos are recorded on screens. Products are presented three-dimensionally in the studio. This makes it relatively easy to present individual products, entire product groups, and innovations. At market launches, we can also do this in a live stream at the branding agency.

This kind of video branding opens up completely new possibilities for industrial communication and product presentation in your own studio. And all this at a manageable cost.