For the branding agency INCREON, sales promotion and promotion are important fields of activity for the direct brand experience of the customer.

All sales promotions must be timed in such a way that the customer is guided from the attention to a product to the desire to buy. This requires the coordination and integration of sales and promotion activities. After all, with a single sales pitch, especially in the capital goods sector, it is no longer possible to gain a customer these days. Rather, with increasing investment volume, the sales pitch turns into a complex project, extending over several weeks and in which every single activity has to be effective. Coordinated product-preparatory and product-related sales promotion, which also consistently places brand messages, can support the sale of a product throughout its entire lifecycle.

Sales promotion activities have the goal of increasing sales turnover. If the campaigns are aimed at trade partners and sales agents, integrated measures are on the agenda, including dealer conferences, trade fairs, sales exhibitions, and roadshows. This also includes equipping sales areas (showrooms, retail space) with informational and decorative material for gaining attention and presenting the brand. These are all measures which improve ordering options or lure customers, as promotional offers stimulate sales. In light of the importance of the sales team at the dealer or retailer, appropriate sales training, bonus systems, and ongoing information are also effective means of promoting the sale of the company’s own products and increasing the penetration of its own brand message. Training provides the opportunity to introduce the partner’s sales team to their own brand values and to strengthen their impact as brand ambassadors. Product and service presentations directly at the prospect’s or customer’s site are another form of sales promotion.

Today, sales promotion also no longer should be viewed in isolation. Sales promotion is, as are all B2B marketing communication activities, integrated and international. During the stage of creating a well thought-out concept, we link print and digital at the brand agency, combine written and personal dialog, and initiate actions that lead to measurable reactions and longer-term communication that bind customers to the B2B brand. It is proven that the interaction of several actions staggered in time always leads to success.