With regard to the presence of the B2B brand in the press, trade press, and social channels, the INCREON brand agency advises and develops suitable strategies.

Like all other companies, B2B companies are perceived through their presence in the public media, in the trade press, and in today’s numerous social channels. Therefore, it is advantageous more than ever to use this communication bridge to customers, partners, and the general public to control communication and content instead of having to act in a reactive manner. Of course, press relations are an ongoing commitment to managing the B2B brand.

In active press relations, it is still important to know the editors of relevant media, to maintain active contact with important representatives of the press, and to regularly make available current and informative articles. But it’s not the only channel anymore. The press release is online on the website, is distributed via press platforms, and contributes to content marketing and SEO tasks. Looking only at the use of the basic content for blog posts, forums, and social channels such as Xing or LinkedIn illustrates the diversity.

In addition to the preparation of content, professional public relations also includes the ongoing maintenance of the press distribution list and constant contact with editors of the respective important media as well as the maintenance, use, and evaluation of the various digital channels.

Press relations also encompass media monitoring. The classical clipping analysis of print media was yesterday; today, listening online as well as filtering and evaluating topics and keywords is what counts. This constant analysis results in new topics. And as a B2B brand, you remain an active designer of your own topics.