For the branding agency INCREON, media and media planning for print and digital are important success factors for branding in B2B communication.

Advertising is important. Media planning is, too. After all, the target groups addressed are to be reached via media in the appropriate situation via the right channel, or better still, staggered via several channels. Even special B2B communication has to, among the more than 4,000 advertising messages which reach the average German daily, assert itself in its relevance with the target group. And it’s no longer just about advertising in newspapers, general-interest magazines, special interest magazines, specialist media … the multitude of digital channels and the diversity of digital content strategies are all to be viewed in an integrated way.

Because the contact with an advertisement, banner, or website is, as a matter of principle, short-lived, the advertisement has to transmit your message quickly and precisely. The concept, copy, design, animation, and reactive moments and tracking are the key to success of a B2B advertisement or a B2B campaign. At the branding agency, we select the suitable media for your topic and create your personalized offline-online media plan in the framework of your budget and on the basis of established facts. We place the advertisements, monitor them, and invoice them.

As an agency, we help our clients to navigate through the ever faster changing and fragmented media landscape and to make the best possible use of its possibilities for their own marketing communication.