Both direct marketing and dialog marketing are suitable communication channels for acquiring and retaining customers and clients in a B2B environment for the agency INCREON.

In the B2B environment, direct marketing and dialog marketing are still quite important. Of course, new products and solutions can be presented via the web (online) and web videos. Much information can also be conveyed through these media audiovisually. But these do not replace the haptic (touch-based) and even the olfactory experiences. And it’s also all too human: tearing something open, looking into it, playing with something, and thereby subconsciously experiencing and anchoring a brand. A good direct marketing activity — systematically prepared and carried out — attracts attention, leaves an impression, and is extended as digital and personal dialog measures. Of course, as ever, the address material is important! The better the address data is maintained, the more personally the target audience can be addressed — by letter, fax, or email mailing, by telephone, or by direct sales.

Whether single-level or multi-level direct marketing campaigns, whether only offline or in an integrated multi-level online strategy, as an agency we support B2B direct marketing campaigns from start to finish. We work from planning the concept and creating the database through creative work and production to measuring the success rate. Measuring success is particularly important. After all, a direct marketing campaign is about triggering a response.The recipient should order something, request something, reveal something of him- or herself. The clear offer and the explicit invitation to act are the focus of the efforts.