With audio branding, the branding agency INCREON makes a brand audible through audiovisual stimuli. An own brand sound image awakens emotions.

The first sensory organ that develops in humans is the sense of hearing. And it is the last that leaves us. Hearing various wavelengths and vibrations determines our lives and influences us. Why? Because the vibrations of the sounds penetrate our bodies, changing our individual vibration. Low tones calm, high tones excite, rock music enlivens, slow music soothes. Sounds, sounds and voices directly touch the emotional perception of a person. It is the direct way from the ear to the heart, so to speak.

Audio branding starts right here. The aim of the branding agency is to make a brand able to be experienced through audiovisual stimuli. Through the basic tone of a company, through its own sound image, emotions can be triggered in a targeted way. For this reason alone, the question of suitable music in the queue or while waiting on the phone is not a banal one. The sound of a company is an important part of branding and brand experience. With the right tone — not just in personal contact with the customer — information can be conveyed more easily and better anchored in the emotional memory. Sound as the sum of tones, sounds, and rhythms combines logic and emotion, creates a sensuous approach, and is a deeply emotional brand statement.

Part of the audio branding is the brand’s sound logo; that is, the recognizable jingle, which is used in all audiovisual media in conjunction with the logo. There is also brand music, which expresses the typical sound and acoustic style of the brand. The brand voice is becoming more and more important today. This can be a striking and memorable narrating voice or the general definition of voice and speech modulation for the brand in audiovisual media. We define this at the branding agency.

In addition to these more musically inspired features, audio branding touches other areas. Products can also have their own sounds. Take, for example, the engine of a car, the way the car door sounds when it closes, or the gurgling of a coffee machine. In addition to product sounds, there are also function sounds, signal tones, and acoustic signals when operating devices, machines, and software. These audiovisual stimuli also image how the brand is perceived.

Like any other part of branding work, audio branding begins at the branding agency with the analysis and definition of which touchpoints are to be accompanied acoustically. During the conceptual phase, rhythm, tones, harmonies, and melodies are worked out and defined. These acoustic parameters can then be summarized into guidelines for permanent use. Based on these principles, sounds are developed and composed very purposefully in the spirit of the brand. Sound logo and brand music are available later in a suitable form for integration in audiovisual media.

This audible brand experience is used in a variety of ways: in the telephone queue (while holding the line) and in the Internet (website), in presentations, at trade fairs and events, in any kind of video, at the point of sale, in digital signage, at training courses and seminars, etc.