Through 3D branding, the branding agency INCREON makes brands tangible multi-dimensionally in both real and virtual space and brought alive for customers.

It is only through a multi-dimensional experience, from which other stimuli originate, and which can be grasped with far more senses than 2D graphics alone, that new possibilities of brand perception are opened up. These possibilities and ideas are formulated, realized, and standardized at the brand agency.

Multi-sensory is the key word. The sense of sight, the most pronounced sense in humans, is addressed in 3D branding using visible properties such as shape and color. Through depth, spacial perception, and movement of the branded object, more psychological reactions are triggered than in a two-dimensional space. Haptic (touch-related) characteristics also create new ways of perceiving and experiencing the brand in 3D branding. The type of surface can support aspects of the brand personality and brand value. Even acoustics come to bear on branding. Knocking on wood sounds different from knocking on acrylic glass or polished stainless steel.

Back to optical perception: Where does it take place? Where does a consistent visual appearance in 3D branding contribute to the wholeness of brand perception? For which typical applications can constants in corporate design be defined for 3D branding?

A essential area to consider is site signage, exterior building signage, and interior building signage. The focus is on the long-distance effect and positive appearance of the brand as well as functions serving orientation in the sense of service combined with aesthetics. For employees, customers, suppliers, partners, investors, and other stakeholders, this is a central touchpoint with the brand while arriving and departing. This continues in architecture and can range from architectural style and building maintenance to the design of green spaces. That is important for us as a branding agency. This is very much in the sense of “There is not a second chance to make a first impression!”

The experience of 3D branding continues in location design. The welcome situation in the entrance and reception area, signage and directions, the forms and colors of the interior design, and the furnishing of meeting rooms and possible training areas or showrooms are all part of this. The more inspiring the brand is made to be experienced at all these points of contact, both for customers and employees, the more it lives.

The presentation of the brand at congresses, in-house events and exhibitions, large and small trade fairs, or, more and more importantly, on university days and at recruiting events, is another field of 3D branding. The presentation of the brand in its entirety at all these points of contact provides the framework within which the trade fair motto, product campaign, or world of images and language of employer branding can unfold.